AmpliTube 5 unstable

Anybody else using Amplitube 5? I tried it out in rehearsals today, and it was rather “crashy”. Unfortunately, I can’t get it to duplicate the errors at home (of course). I’ll keep chasing the bugs, but I was wondering if others are having issues as well. Cheers!

Just a guess…

It may be that AT5 is trying to access the internet. Works on home WiFi connection by not at rehearsal? Is ToneNET active (green dot)?

It’s a massive memory hog if you’re using multiple instances. Are you using predictive loading and/or confirm it’s not taking up all of your system’s ram?

When reporting issues, it’s helpful to know more about your setup, OS, plugin version/type etc.

I am using AT5 for several weeks now without any issues. Hopefully it stays that way because I want to get the lesley module soon.

That is very possible. I’ll look into it

M1 Mac
16 gb
All the latest is and plug-in versions

I’ll look at the predictive loading
I’m only using the effects (not the amp models) and the cpu% has been typically under 40

Are you running everything Native or are you using Rosetta, in part, or for everything?

Everything is native.
Still unable to duplicate the crashes.