All my rackspaces disappeared

Hello. Since buying GigPerformer4 on April 1st, I had about a dozen rackspaces set up, as well as a Global Rackspace. Then I didn’t use it for over a month. Today, while deleting unneeded files from my MacBook Pro downloads folder, I opened the Getting-Started-Animated.gig file. I was able to see my rackspaces. Then a window popped up saying I had to re-activate my GP license. I did so, and all my saved rackspaces got erased. I can’t find them in my Time Machine backup or in Library > Audio. I don’t know where else to look. Can anyone tell me how to retrieve them?
Thanks for considering this.

Gig Performer activation has nothing to do with your rackspaces (and certainly won’t delete any of them).

Something else is going on there. I assume that you deleted the folder with gig files by mistake.

On MacOS your files are saved by default to your user’s Documents/Gig Performer folder.

Your rackspaces disappeared or a gigfile containing rackspaces disappeared or when ou loaded an existing gigfile, here were no rackspaces in it?


Thank you for your responses. I have checked default file locations Users/Username/Documents/Gig Performer/, couldn’t find my missing rackspaces within Favorites, Panels or Presets folders. To answer dhj, I didn’t load anything. The rackspaces disappeared and/or a file containing them disappeared. I don’t know what the file would have looked like. Would it/they have the extension .rackspace or .gig or .gppanel ?
To answer npudar regarding license activation, I was surprised to get the window requiring activation, because I had done so at the beginning of April, as soon as I installed GP4. This time it seemed like my rackspaces vanished right after I did the activation again. Nevertheless, I must accept what you say, that the activation had nothing to do with it.
This is a bit of a setback, but it looks like I’ll have to rebuild my rackspaces, which will be good practice for me. When I built them previously, I frequently did File > Save. From now on I will pay more attention to the files that are being created.
Thank you all for your comments and suggestions.

The fact that they are not on your Time Machine is even more bizarre because, if you think about it, even if Gig Performer could have magically deleted your rackspaces, it could not have accessed your time machine backup.

There is something else going on with your machine that needs to be figured out.

Okay, thank you, dhj.