AKAI MPC Beats for free!

AKAI is currently giving away their Beat-Creation-Sequencing-Sampler-DAW-Plugin “MPC Beats” for free…
I think this really looks great, and because it can also be run as aplugin within another DAW, it might become very interesting to put it into GigPerformer. I have not tried this yet, but i hope, it will work. :nerd_face:
Anyway, here is the link to this piece of software:

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I was a bit hesitant, ohhh why not, and I did not know about it could be a plugin :wink:
1.2/1.8Gb install, plus other content if you like.

YEp! installed… lets have fun :wink:

ummm, only ONE 1 instance allowed (and thats also valid for other instances of GP running AND VST or AU, so only 1 thats it!
Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 17.27.10

You get what you pay for!

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Can the plugin output midi? I connected up a midi monitor and just saw a continuous stream of some message listed as “fe”.

That is an “Active Sensing” event. I wonder if we should just block that message, it’s kind of useless in a software environment…I wonder why they’re doing this?

The Active Sensing message was intended to allow a receiving hardware synth to detect if a keyboard went offline, by noting that FE messages stopped coming in.

I was looking in the Midi Filter block for something that might work. Would it be useful to add some general ‘System Messages’ type to the filter block?

Please submit bug request for this

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WOW and at a very fast rate…

Maybe when connected to their controllers?

Generally, as I said earlier, Active Sense is a mechanism to allow a synth to detect that a controller is no longer connected. For example, in such a case, the synth might perform an “All Notes Off” in case the disconnection happened following a NoteOn message. The controller would normally be sending this message to synths.

It was really intended to handle unreliable physical connections.


is it possible to install this MPC software without the additional content ?
or is it possible to delete that content afterwards ?
somebody knows ?

( it was planned to get me the MPC software later this year, since i thought it could be very handy together with GP3.
The small free one would be very welcome to check it out,
but my SSD is slowly filling up…and i have really NO need for the MPC factory content )

yes, I mention this above

ok, i guess i understand now,
it´s 1.2GB “without” that other content.
Thank you