Akai Advance 61 - Pads


I’m having trouble accessing the pads on my Akai Advance 61. MIDI-wise, the pads are essentially an extension of the keyboard, i.e., they send “midi notes” and the first pad is C7.

So I created a simple rack with a MIDI plugin and Omnisphere. I mapped the MIDI plugin to the Akai and used “Learn” to assign the pads. So far so good. If I press the pads, the keys press on the keyboard in the plugin properties. But, no sound comes out of my instrument.

Using the same setup, if I use “Learn” to pick a range of keys on the normal keyboard, the instrument makes sound.

Any ideas?


Yes - please insert a MIDI Monitor block and connect it to your MIDI In block, then press those pads and send us what you see within the MIDI monitor block window.


Sorry, but I didn’t understood what you mean with “learn” regarding standard keyboard keys. I usually use MIDI “learn” to assign a GP widget to an external MIDI controller knob/button/fader, while the GP widget is also associated to a plugin parameter. I think I missed something… it is perhaps related to Omnisphere that I don’t own…


Good call on using a Midi monitor. The pads are sending on channel 10 and the keys are sending on channel 1. I’m thinking of switching to GP from Mainstage. On Mainstage, I can use the pads (channel 10) with Omnisphere just fine. Is there a GP setting in the instrument plugin that indicates what channels to use?



If Omnisphere is OK with channel 1, then you can simply remap channel 10 to channel 1 in the MIDI input block of your akai keyboard


Yes! Works great. Thanks a bunch.


Great, but I still don’t understand what exactly you “learned” :thinking:


“Learn” is on the “Rackspace : MIDI In”, you can press a button to learn the highest and lowest key you want to use. :slight_smile:


OK, the one for adjusting the keyboard split. Now I caught it ! :wink: