Airstep Setup

Has anyone had any luck setting up the Airstep to work with Gig Performer? I keep trying to use Global midi for previous/next rack, previous/next variation and tuner without any luck.

Hi @Sve. The main question will be what messages is the airstep sending? Open the Global Midi Monitor (Window menu) to see them.

You can set that controller to send anything, so sending Control Change (CC) messages will be most useful if you want to map to commands in the Global Midi options.

In the user guide I found this, so to control GP should be easy to do.

MIDI message

AIRSTEP can send MIDI messages via 5-PIN MIDI interface, USB, Bluetooth.

The types of MIDI messages that AIRSTEP supports include Program Change, Control Change, Note On/Off, System Real Time, System Exclusive, System Common, Channel Pressure, Polyphonic Pressure. ALL of them can be edited through APP, and also can be specified to different output interfaces.