Air Hybrid 3 not found in plug in manager



I forgot that I purchased Air’s Hybrid 3 a few months back, and am rebuilding some set-lists in GP that I had done on a Muse. I don’t have Omnisphere yet on this machine, so I was thinking that Hybrid could be a decent replacement.

It’s authorized in Pace I-lok manager (grr):

It works in Reaper:

It does not show up in Plug-in Manager – even though I did a full rescan.

So… now what?? I’d really like to use it, as it’s sounds in-between massive and omnisphere, and can do the 80’s brass sounds that I’m searching for pretty well (as well as the wobble-LFO-type-EDM-synths).

Any clues? Please? Here are some pictures for proof.


Is it 64 bit?


Scroll down to the bottom of that plugin scanner list and see if it shows up in red as disabled. If so, delete the entry and rescan - see if that works.
If it does not show up at all, then most likely that means it’s installed in a folder that Gig Performer doesn’t know about it — see this KB article for more info


@dhj, That did it! I figured it was user error.

Thank you!