Aftertouch bug? (Possibly)

Hi folks,

I am finding this issue playing live….

If I release a key while aftertouch is pressed (most noticeable when aftertouch is assigned to mod wheel or oscillator pitch modulation)…often the next time I press the key that aftertouch is still engaged, when it should not be.

It seems that sometimes the note off arrives at GP prior to or simultaneously as the aftertouch zero message and the aftertouch message is being missed. Happened 3 times last night during a performance on different rack spaces.

Pressing the key with aftertouch clears it.

I did check to make certain I did not have ‘momentary to latch’ flag flipped.

Which plugin do you use with aftertouch? Did you assign a plugin parameter to aftertouch? (If yes why not directly mapping the pitch modulation to this parameter?)

If the aftertouch info « remains », it is that it remains for the plugin you use. Is it the case for every plugin? If you think GP is producing note info with aftertouch again, you can check this in a MIDI monitor just before your plugin.

Hi David San…

The plugins used were Arturia and Native instruments.

I assigned a widget as some of the plugins to not have aftertouch as an assignable modulation source, so reassigning the mod wheel is used in that case.

Yes the function remains but the state should be resetting to zero on a momentary assignment of a widget. (Correct?)

Everything is still in the car for a gig tonite, but I will use the midi monitor and check it after I setup and report back.

I often use aftertouch in my rackspaces, also mapped via widgets to different plugin parameters, but i never noticed any issues while using it.
I used that with different controllers too (M-Audio, Studiologic/Numa, NI Komplette Kontrol Mk2)…
which keyboard do you use?

But you uses real keyboard controller aftertouch which goes to zero before you release a key, right?

I am using the Arturia controller and Nord stage 2ex with GP. Both resolve to zero…it shows on the widget correctly as well and GP is very responsive.

Just trying to see if it’s a plug-in issue, GP issue or user error…