After Sonoma update my mouse (also tried track ball and another mouse) will only blink when selected

I’m having a strange problem on Gigperformer 5 on mac mini pro 32gb ram Sonoma. After Sonoma update my mouse (also tried track ball and another mouse) will only blink when selected. I can’t remove rackspaces and also in rackspace mode I can’t edit widgets. I quickly see edit menu but I blinks and disappears. I’ve been on gigperformer for over 2 years so very familiar with normal operation. Any suggestions? I’m thinking about going back to gigperformer 4 and rebuilding importing rackspaces and creating a new version of my gig patch.

So it worked well, but after an OS update, the problem appeared?

Was this using the regular apple/macos update process, or did you have to use the opencore legacy patcher? (Probably the first if I take into account the 32 GB, but I remembered olp had some issues.)

What was the previous OS version?

new mac mini m2 pro, it was just a regular update in Sonoma.

The previous version was Sonoma 14.???. It updated to 14.5. When GP5 first installed everything was fine. Then all of a sudden I had the issue with mouse right clicks were not working. Changed to trackball same issue, changed to another mouse still the same. Installed gp4 4.8.2 same issue. Comments stirred a thought. I will try booting in rosetta:)

In that case: Ignore my post

Rosetta didn’t fix the issue. Same problem in both GP4 and GP5. It seems to only be related to gigperformer app.Opened up other music apps including protools and they are okay. As a solution I am programming on my m1 macbook then sending files to mac mini pro. I may temporarily install on mac mini intel until I figure this out. :slight_smile:

Actually it happened before update. So when I saw the Sonoma update I thought I would give that a try to see it would resolve the problem. Unfortunately the update removed my license and I had to enter it again. Hopefully I won’t lose an install because of that problem. I imported m1 mac pro Gig I had created for the concert. It seemed to be editing and working fine then all of a sudden I wasn’t able to access menus in wiring mode or edit mode. I can drag widgets into a rackspace but can’t replace, delete them. Same in rackspaces edit I can’t remove a widget I no longer need in the patch.

(A bit off topic:

Probably you’ve ‘eaten’ one of your licenses. The best you can do is always deactivate your license before doing hardware or software updates/upgrades on your computer/os.

Furthermore possibly you can recover you lost license by contacting the deskew helpdesk. )

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Sorry for the delay in responding. I’ve been touring. I ended up buying an intel 2018 i7 mac mini and I will be waiting for the updates that resolve Sonoma issues. Gigperformer performan ce is amazing on m2 pro but unfortunately until the mouse issue gets resolved it’s cumbersome to change plugins or replace them on the fly. Editing of plugins is normal. So hopefully the mouse issue will be resolved. I am totally committed to Gigperformer for touring. I use Gigperformer with 4 different midi controllers. and 88 keystation, a 61 keystation, Alesis V25 and a Lync LN4 mobile. Because keyboards are light and easily replaceable I am able to fly all of them without overweight issues. Each case under 50 lbs each. ItsSaves a ton of money and also saves my back. Totally committed to Gigperformer. Love it. Been touring with it for 2 years.


That “all of a sudden” bothers me – there’s no magic here — how long was it working ok before this failure? Also, do you have any kind of mouse or keyboard macro program installed?