Adding Midi Helper commands with script

I need to add the same 3 Midi commands to every song. Is this something that can be done with Scripting?

To every Song or from every song?

On 2nd thought - It would probably take as long to write the script (if it would work)
as it would take to add them in manually.

never mind…

Should that be sent every time when the 1st Songpart of each song is activated?

I guess you’re suggesting a song script that would just send those CC messages out, right?

Can you read minds?

Yes! That sounds like it would do the same thing. I’ll see how far I can get with the Script Helper…78^)


Try this gig script

// Called when you switch to another songpart
var v_MIDIDevice : String = "IAC-Treiber IAC-Bus 1"
    c1 : MidiMessage
    c2 : MidiMessage
    c3 : MidiMessage
 c1 = MakeControlChangeMessageEx(53, 127, 1)
 c2 = MakeControlChangeMessageEx(55,   0, 1)
 c3 = MakeControlChangeMessageEx(54, 127, 1)

On Songpart(oldSongpartIndex : integer, newSongpartIndex : integer)
 if newSongpartIndex == 0 then
    SendNowToMidiOutDevice(v_MIDIDevice, c1)
    SendNowToMidiOutDevice(v_MIDIDevice, c2)
    SendNowToMidiOutDevice(v_MIDIDevice, c3)

You have to give the correct String to the variable v_MIDIDevice, it is shown in the MIDI Ports section of the Options Window

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Thank you very much. I’ll give it a try.

Thank you again!

Now you can make music :wink: