Adding a second Audio Interface

Hi, I use a Focusrite Scarlett Solo at Home for all the audio out, as well as gigs. At practice I use the Audio 3.5mm out on the MacBook. I was thinking about purchasing the identical model to use live as well as at practice(and have as a backup). Will this be transparent and be recognised as the same device, or go in as a second device.
I sometimes found when being at another location, and the Interface was different, GP would crash, but this might be due to an issue with RetroLogue
IE I play with Rig Manager?
I try and keep it simple.

It should work OK.

The tip here is to experiment with audio settings while using a new empty gig. Some plugins don’t like when buffer size/sample rate is changed and might crash.

Thank you. I have 150 songs, and this is my 2nd transfer (I was originally with Mainstage, than started playing with VST Live, Which IS BUGGY!). My Macbook M1 Pro only has 8GB of Ram.

I expect MacOS would see it as the same device. You could also create an ‘Aggregate Device’ in the ‘Audio MIDI Setup’ app (and add your interface into it). That way, GP only sees the ‘Aggregate Device’. You can rename this aggregate device to whatever you want ion the Audio MIDI Setup.

I use two Scarlett 8i6 3rd generation - one at home, and one in the rehearsal room. My MBP recogizes them as ‘same’ device! So nothing to do when opening GP…


Same here, using two focus rites 2i4 (I think), one at home, one in rehearsal room. Also using two behringer fcb1010 pedal boards. Both audio interface and midi pedal board are recognized as equal.

Thanks for all the advice. The second one was recognised as the same unit, making things easier.