Activation problem

Hi, I am a user of gp and since I have updated my pc to the latest win version (win 10 pro 1909) GP has been asking me to activate it when I try to open it so I do, and have had to the last 2 times I have used it . My problem now is GP is saying I have no more activations available and I cant use it, Please help fast!!!
thank you

I don’t have gp activated anywhere else either

I guess no GP tonight :unamused: lucky I have a backup Kurzweil.

I am sure the developers will help you.
What is your time now and when do you need the activation?

I needed it an hour ago, Ill use the kurzweil pc3k tonight. Im considering moving back to hardware more now for live use, less complications. We will see.

You do not trust Gig Performer for live?

When and why did you update your system before a new show?

I updated it last week, well windows automatically did when i shut it down. I usually am on to this but i slipped up and it happened. I tested my gear last week and had to activate gp and thought all was good untill now. So i dont know why but its asked me to do it again amd it wont allow the activation. I do trust gp live and have used it for nearly 2 yrs. It has crashed live on a few occasions but generally at sound check not usually in a show. When i say complications i dont just mean gp i mean plugins etc. I also needed to activate gg audio blue 3 again this seems to happen after most updates. I am feeling alot less inspired lately using software i must be going thru a midlife crisis lol.

I’ve reset your activations.

I would not update any machine within 3 weeks of a show - just my personal opinion, nothing to do with Gig Performer specifically - you just never know what might break.