Activation Gig Performer

How to proceed, when there is no licence key included in anywhere? Purchase was ok, with Plugin Alliance. Software used to work but then it started to ask to activate. I wont start free trial when I have the purchased licence. Am I missing something? Should I purchase this software twice?

are you online?

To activate PA software just login with your credentials and then the software is activated.
There must be an option in the PA Gig Performer Software.

If you have any issue with the Plugin Alliance purchase process or activation - please contact Plugin Alliance support.

Thank you.

I can’t believe in 2021 you can’t write a program that doesn’t require me to deactivate and reactivate every time a new bedding of Windows comes out.

Hi @scubadog welcome to the family

I am sure the delvelopers will fix that issue - in the meantime take it as a hint to avoid problems :wink:

I can’t believe that Windows updates have to come out so frequently in 2021 :slight_smile:

“Take it as a hint to avoid problems”? What the heck does that mean? The PROBLEM is the requirement to deactivate the license every time an update comes down. This is flat out bad programming.

I’m glad they DO come out with frequent updates. And that IS NO EXCUSE for having to deactivate the license.

Most our users can upgrade and update windows without these issues, but on some systems it seems that an update could sometimes change some important system parameters.

Are you a programmer yourself?

Oh dear — the emoji was intended to indicate the my comment was intended as jest.

My apologies for taking it the wrong way.

No worries – please see my PM to you