Activating Pianoteq

Quick question for the hive mind… do you have to activate Pianoteq using the standalone version? I can’t get my license to activate from within GP and I’m trying to rule out why. I didn’t install the standalone.

@brandon yes, this should work: Open the plugin (in demo mode…). Top right click options - and under ‘about’ the license info opens. You should be able to (re-)register here?!

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I got it working but oddly I had to manulaly type in the SN instead of using the built in copy paste feature from their license website or copy paste in the code that Modartt support sent me as clear text in an email. Rather odd. I’ve installed 100s of pieces of software and have never seen that before.

Glad I didn’t need to install the standalone as well. I’ve just rebuilt my GP laptop and it’s a lean machine.

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I don’t remember if it was Pianoteq, but on at least one plug-in I also have not been able to use copy&paste for entering a license key (Waldorf?) :face_with_raised_eyebrow: