Activate Rack Space or Variation with Controller Button

In Gig Performer I have buttons on my Korg nano controller assigned for next/previous rack space and next/previous rack space variation.
However, I have 8 different organ patches and it’s too cumbersome to keep pressing next and previous buttons. Is it possible to assign a button to activate a specific rack space or its variation?
My only other thought is to create several buttons in one rack space and have them issue program changes to the organ plugin.

What messages can be sent from your controller.
For SetList Mode you can assign cc messages to song parts.This way you can directly access the song parts by cc messages.

I can program the Korg nano controller to send any CC message. I thought about set lists and song parts. This works when you have a known song and structure. However, I am often in situations where there is improvisation and the structure is dynamic or just a template.

Ok so you want to select the 1st variation in a rackspace when you press the 1st button on your controller and select the 2nd when the 2nd button is pressed?

You can assign a Program Change Number for each Variation.
When you send a Program Change Message the corresponding Variation is selected.

Another option could be scripting

var MIN      : MidiInBlock
    v_cc     : Integer
    v_offset : Integer
 v_offset = 102
on ControlChangeEvent (cc : ControlChangeMessage) matching [102..109] from MIN
 // Get the Controller Number
 v_cc = GetCCNumber(cc)
 // Variation start with index 0
 v_cc = v_cc - v_offset

Var.gig (3.6 KB)

I don’t see why scripti g is necessary for something like this

As I understood he wants to switch variations with 8 buttons on his controller without using
SetList Mode.


This is working when the buttons on the controller can be programmed to send the same controller number but different values.
If that is possible then this is the perfect solution.

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I figured out how to make this work. Gig Performer assigns a PC for each rack space. I was able to assign a knob on my Native Instruments controller to issue a Program Change. I can use this knob to quickly navigate to a rack space.
Similarly, I used the Gig Performer “Direct Access” global setting to assign another knob for navigating variations of the rack space I am on.
It’s working great and the changes are fast.

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This is not exact: Gig Performer assigns a PC message for each rackspace variation.
As long as you only have 1 variation per rackspace your statement is true :wink:

Exact, everything happens at variation level even if there is only one variation.