Acoustic Samples Strategy Increases Gig Filesize Exponentially

I’ve encountered an issue with a plugin from Acoustic Samples called Strategy. It is a UVI Workstation-based Fender Stratocaster VST instrument that I just started incorporating into my main gig file. Although the plugin seems to function normally, it increases the size of the gig file by approximately 23MB, and substantially increases gig load and save time.

To test this, I created an empty gig file and saved it. The gig file size is 3 KB. When I add and connect only UVI workstation with Strategy then save the gig file, the size is now 22,996 KB. The empty (saved) gig file loads sub-second. The gig file with only Strategy takes over 8 seconds to load.

When inserted in my regular gig files in several rackspaces, the gig file size is enormous and load/save time is 3-4 minutes. Each instance of UVI with Strategy seems to add 23 MB to the size of the gig file. Obviously there is either something wrong with the Strategy instrument or the way GP is handling it. I have used other UVI instruments, such as TrueKeys with no such filesize and load/save time issue. I am running the latest version of UVI Workstation 3.0.14. I am on Gig Performer 3.70, Windows 10 release 2004.

Is this abnormal, or are there other plugins that also increase gig files size that dramatically?

Maybe the samples are stored in the plugin state.
Same happened with BLISS, but with the new version 1.8 of BLISS you can decide where to store the samples.
Maybe this can be done with Acoustic Samples Strategy too?

You need to beat up Acoustic Samples — we can only store whatever state the plugin gives us. We do not (and cannot) interpret that state, such state being proprietary to individual plugins.

If the plugin gives us 22M of state, then we’re going to store it. The plugin just shouldn’t do that!

As @pianopaul mentioned, BLISS was doing this as well but I believe they fixed it.