Accordion VST & Sustain Pedal question

Hello GP friends,

I have two Kontakt Accordion VSTs: Le Parisien from Wavesfactory, and another, I believe Westheimer.

I have a simple rackspace with only two variations. The first variation is piano only, and the second has the accordion VSTs as well as some vibraphone VSTs.

The issue: when I switch to the accordion & vibes variation, the Le Parisien VST will follow the sustain pedal; however, upon release of the pedal, it immediately gets hung in a MIDI loop that has to be stopped with the panic button. The second accordion VST will not follow the sustain pedal at all.

They are both Kontakt instruments, so the question: is this normal for accordion VSTs?

Attached is copy of the exported rackspace. Of course, you’ll probably see the “missing” warning on all the instrument blocks, but at least you can see the MIDI mapping.

Would some kind of scripting get around this and force the VST to follow the on / off of the sustain pedal?

As always, thank you in advance for your help! :grinning:

Sorry.rackspace (479.9 KB)

I think you need a different “rackspace” if you are loading different instruments in Kontakt.

A varation is basically a shell with the original racspace variation instruments loaded. It just lets to add widgets (so you could bypass/un-bypass different instruments)

So, if your new varations loads different instruments, I think you should use a different rackspace rather than a new variation of the same rackspace.

[But, I will leave it at that so more proficient users can respond].

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Sorry, I am not in a position where I can check your Gig File, but the important information is how you switch from piano only to accordion and vibraphone. The good way to do it is to have one MIDI in block per VST and to block the note on message when you want to disable a plugin.
If you also want to bypass the VST itself, than rather use this:

An accordion has no sustain pedal, but when you need one, we have this:

Are you using any virtual MIDI ports?

I would bet more on a bypassed MIDI in block. But we’d have to take a look at the Gig File to know for sure (not easy for me to check, I am on ski holidays… :skier::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

Lucky you. I’ve been trying to ski but the temperature is such that the snow is either mushy or too icy!

Hi @dhj, not on this rackspace - no virtual MIDI ports. I do use Loop Midi to run vocals on a separate instance of GP.

Enjoy your holiday, stay safe and watch out for the trees. :slight_smile:

The rackspace was attached in the original post; however, here is a snapshot of the wiring view. I’m using MIDI blocks for each instrument, and my button widgets (for on and off) are linked to the Midi In block - 288 on/offf.

If you’re using any kind of virtual MIDI (and Loop MIDI counts) you need to not use any MIDI OMNI blocks as you can absolutely get MIDI feedback that way

Okay, I will start there first. Thanks for the quick reply!

Thanks :wink:

I don’t remember what 288 on/off is, but please, rather choose “block note on”.

Also, I noticed that you bypassed plugin blocks too. Take care, this can be dangerous if these plugin don’t see the proper “note off”/“sustain release” messages before you bypass them.

And even if you don’t have virtual MIDI port involved, please don’t use MDII in omni blocks. Rather use Rig Manager even if you have only one MIDI controller. That’s by far the cleanest way to use GP. And you will be happy if you extend your rig in the future.

Then, I won’t tell you how lucky I am… But you are right I am. :sunglasses: :skier: :sunny: :snowflake: