Accessing local WidgetFillColor from Global Rackspace

Is there any way to access the fill color of a widget in a local Rackspace from within a GlobalRackspace script?

The only way you could do that is to send OSC messages from the global rackspace and have OSC callbacks in the local rackspace to respond.

The global rackspace was not designed to control local rackspaces

This is a pity.And I need it the other way around. The Global Rackspace script should be able to read the colors and transfer them to an external controller via SysEx. I need this way to transfer the colors to my DIY controller.
Since my son is working on an extension to connect the controller at the same time, I hope that the color information can at least be transmitted there…

The SDK will get a number of additional functions in the next GP release, including widget colour get/set.

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Why does the global rackspace have to do that? Why can’t you do it individual rackspaces?

That’s how I do it? I send sysex messages to my pedal controller that way

Because I have a lot of Rackspaces and I’m creating new Racks all the time. I would have to apply the same script to every RS - an arduous task. Especially if you want to change the script once

You can store the script in an external file and use an “Include” statement in each local rackspace that references the file. That way you manage a single version of the script.


Per the language manual documentation!

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