Access channel strip labels in audio mixer

It seems the channel strip labels in an audio mixer are not accessible (not for reading nor writing).

I would hope it is a parameter of the audio mixer but I guess parameters only have a single value so a string will not ‘fit’.

However, if there are enough parameters left for the audio mixer, consider e.g. using 16 or 32 characters per channel strip label as parameters x to x + 31 for the label of channel 1, parameters x+32 to x + 63 for channel 2 etc.

I can easily write a function to get/set the channel label name from those parameters.

Hey Michel, what are you trying to achieve? If you open the Audio Mixer, you can double click and edit the labels. The labels are used when displaying sliders, etc…

I have created quite a big script to semi-automatically mute inactive channels, restoring the solo button, setting the volume to 0 and reset the balance. I also would like to reset the label strip.

Actually, what would be even better is to set it according to the connected (first) plugin.

The script is mainly about 9 faders, 8 for setting the volumes in an audio mixer, the 9th for the total balance, and two expression pedals. The 9 faders can also be used for setting the hammond drawbars (I can switch between them). And I want this script to be used in every song (where the hammond sliders are optional).

If you give the mixer a script handle, you can get the label names. The mixer’s parameter names will dynamically change to take on the name you’ve added to the label.

   MIXER : PluginBlock
   PARAM1 : String = GetParameterName(MIXER, 0) // Chan 1-2 Volume parameter
   PARAM2 : String = GetParameterName(MIXER, 7) // Chan 3-4 Volume parameter
   LABEL1 : String = CopySubstring(PARAM1, 0, IndexOfSubstring(PARAM1, "volume", false) - 1)
   LABEL2 : String = CopySubstring(PARAM2, 0, IndexOfSubstring(PARAM2, "volume", false) - 1)

    Print("Label 1: " + LABEL1)
    Print("Label 2: " + LABEL2)
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Thank you very much, I don’t think it’s mentioned in the documentation, but I will use this to adapt my script.

Well, that’s because this is a technique you can use. The function GetParameterName is most certainly mentioned. We can’t possibly describe every possible way it can be used with string manipulation.

That said, in the documentation about mixers (Audio Mixers) it actually does tell you that the parameter name does change if you change the channel label.

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Yes, I see now indeed the relation between the two.

I only checked the documentation about GScript functions, and tried to find the parameter while searching it in the right hand list to attach it to a widget.

But I’m glad, again one feature I need is already supported/possible by GigPerformer.

What do you mean by this? What was the difficulty?

For findin the Hammond parameters, I opened a widget, and in the edit mode, I connected it to the hammond plugin, then on the right lower side is a list with all parameters, which is in order of index.

However, I couldn’t find for an audio mixer the name/label strip.

I don’t have GigPerformer installed on this laptop, so I cannot add a screenshot.

Oh I see - because there isn’t an exact parameter for that.

Yes indeed, I mostly check that ’ list’ and the documentation about GScript language and functions, but not (always) the ‘normal’ documentation.