Ableton to Automate Gig Performer

I’m new to Gig Performer and trying to figure out the best way to
get Ableton to play the backing tracks while simultaneously sending program changes to Gig Performer
so that the patch changes in Gig Performer can be automated to change as the song goes.
I want Ableton to do all of the patch changes in other words. Just want to use GP to be the VST host.
I prefer to do this on windows…I presume I’llneed virtual midi ports installed on windows, Mac has built in AIC driver. Thanks!!

GP also has a very capable Audio File Player :wink:

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I had screenshots in this topic:

You do need a virtual midi port for this.


Thank you for the reply.
I would use the internal audio player but I’m needing something to automate my patch changes during the song as well and I see no way to do this souly inside of GP.
Am I wrong?

There is a lot you can achieve with GPScript and being able to run multiple instances of GP. But often the simplest option for time-based changes would be to send them from Ableton.

The Ableton Link support in GP is great as you can ensure the tempo is in sync for any plugins you have in GP that have tempo controlled parameters e.g. delay time.

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I am using Ableton Live for my backing tracks and automate variation changes using GP Script.
There is a callback “on BeatChanged(bar:integer, beat:integer, subbeat:integer)”
This is trigger when global play in GP is started.

Here is a small script, which shows how to automate Variation changes:

var BEAT : Widget

on BeatChanged(bar : integer, beat : integer, subbeat : integer)
if beat == 16 then
elsif beat == 32 then
elsif beat == 48 then

SetWidgetLabel(BEAT, “”+((beat)/4+1) +":"+(beat % 4 +1))

The TextWidget called BEAT is used to show the bar:beat
In this case the song starts with the Verse and at the 3rd beat changes the variation and als
at the 9th beat

The onBeatChanged is called at beat level, the parameters bar and subbeat cannot be used at this time.
But for this usecase the parameter beat is fine.

In my bands I use 1 rackspace for a song and a number of variations.
I also use the AudioPlayer and with only 1 rackspace for 1 song it is working fine.
And with the automation made by the above script I can concentrate on playing and do not have to take case to choose the correct sound (variation)

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Look at my post : Midi playback function?
rank13 has a very good explanation on what you want to do :slight_smile:
I think it’s better to have your playback and PC messages on Ableton, but linked with GP.
Have fun !

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