Ableton Live 'Intro' Standard' or 'Suite'?

Hello guys,

There is a 30% discount on Ableton Live until tomorrow, I think I want to buy it (mostly to sequence my hardware stuff but also to compose my music).
Wich bundle should I take ? Do you think Max for Live is interesting for stuff I might do ? (Live concerts with tons of vst synths, synths, loops etc.).
Nowing I already have : Keyscape, Arturia V-Collection 7, Omnisphere 2, and Stylus RMX (which I regret a bit bying…).

Thanks in advance !

Here’s a little jam I made recently with a friend of me (the drummer) :
Sorry the jam is not entirely here !

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Max is brilliant In fact the prototype that lead to our creating Gig Performer was developed in Max. It’s a great platform.

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When you want sophisticated control between Gig Performer and Ableton Live you should think about OSC.
So you need M4L
So you need Suite :wink:

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Okay then :slight_smile:

Sounds like your mind is already made up, but just to echo what everyone else has said that Max is ace - if you want to link GP and Ableton together in the best possible way, or indeed get Live to do things the way you want to, then Max really helps and is great fun. If you can afford it then it’s worth the upgrade over standard even if you don’t use much of the rest of Suite.

If you happen to miss out on the discount for whatever reason, it is possible to just upgrade standard with Max for Live which is cheaper than upgrading to Suite (or buying Suite in the first place), so that is an option if you aren’t bothered about the other stuff you get with Suite. But with the discount in place that is currently there it probably makes sense to go straight for Suite.

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Thanks a lot speed12 and you guys :slight_smile: