Ableton and Gigperfomer on Windows

I just recently purchased Gigperfomer and im kinda new to Ableton aswell. Been an active FL studio user for about 5 years and just switched over to Ableton.

Im wondering how i can setup Gigperfomer to get rid of latency problems when recording Midi/audio in Ableton when you have a large project open already, but want to add different top melodies as an example. Aswell as tracking vocals without any latency with Autotune and such, something like the low latency UA hardware solution. I understand the routing of instruments in Gigperfomer, but i want to be able to record directly into a track in Ableton aswell as getting the “Midi” directly just incase you want to change a note or need to quantize something.

I want to make it as easy as possible, as i will use this in sessions for recordings etc.
Would love getting a setup guide of some sort for Ableton on Windows.
Like the Decap video here: Ableton Zero Latency Tracking with GigPerformer major cheat code! 🤯 - YouTube

I am kinda new to this host-experience in general, so please be kind :sweat_smile:.
Thanks in advance!

Gig Performer includes its own Recorder feature. It can record MIDI, inputs and outputs.

So why can’t you record inputs/outputs in Gig Performer and than import audio files to a DAW?

If you don’t want to use Gig Performer’s recorder, you have to install a virtual audio cable and route audio from Gig Performer to Live.

I guess i could do that, but i want it inside ableton as much as possible as an “extension”.
I did actually download a Virtual Audio Cable called “Voicemeeter”. But i cant figure out the routing for it. Both in Ableton and Gigperfomer. Any ideas on how to route it so i get sound into ableton?
I want a similar workflow like the video i posted in the previous message :sweat_smile:

Thanks for replying and trying to help! Much appriciated!

But i guess i have to invest more into RME if i want to achieve the same thing as Decap :sweat:

From one perspective: the people who wrote voicemeeter did a good job, because it is really not a walk in the park to create virtually audio cables especially for Windows (mac has these inbuilt, AFAIK). From a different perspective: the latency is in my experience very high and not suitable for a live performance chain. The routing in this tool is also very opaque.

But also on this forum, there are people who use it successfully, so it might suite your purposes.

I had better results with ‘jack 2’, but configuring is not very easy.

In general: Whatever the solution you try: the whole config becomes quickly an elephant on ballet shoes

Thank you for replying! Do you know where i can find these posts/threads on the forum?
Alright i might try out “Jack 2” then.
Do you remember how you routed jack 2 with gigperformer and your Daw?

I suggest: Use the search on this forum with ‘voicemeeter’ :grinning:

The jack setup: I will try to cook it a little for you and see whether I can attach some configs.

Awesome, thank you so much Frank! :star_struck:

Maybe something from this article, as well: Gig Performer | How to use a single-client ASIO driver with multiple applications on Windows

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Thank you npudar! I´ll look into that!


If you setup jack2, routing is just like gig performer. Node based.

Choose for ableton & gig-performer the asio - jack2 driver, Open the graphical view in jack2 and drag the chords to the nodes you want.

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Thanks Barbatron! i´ll try that out!