AAS Lounge Lizard Widget issue

Due to the current summer sale i bought the Lounge Lizard EP4 - so far so good. After installation i prepared a rackspace with the main EP4 parameters like EQ and reverb as offered in the EP4 play view. Widgets linked to the related parameter without any problem - works as expected.

Surprise: when i change a preset within EP 4 the GP widgets are not updated. They still show the old value. If i touch and move the related parameter within EP4 the widget takes over to the correct value. Widget and EP4 parameter are correct linked, as any manual change to the widget or the EP4 parameter is reflected on the counterpart. Only when a preset is change the sync is not working.

With other VSTs its not a problem and working (eg Arturia). A preset change is also changing the linked GP widgets.

Is this a problem from AAS EP4 or did i made a mistake ? Is there a trick or workaround to get it linked?

This is an AAS issue. Most likely, when you change a preset through their system, they don’t send out parameter updates and so gig performer has no way to know that there was a change

It only occurs with the VST3 version for me.
Try switching to the VST version.

Thanks for the feedback … good to hear that the problem is not sitting in front of the screen :blush:

I will try the VST version

I’ve tried the VST version and it works as expected without any issues …

Thanks for the support

If you have time, please report this issue to AAS

i have added to my ToDo list

done and already received a feedback from AAS:

" … Thank you for reporting the issue—greatly appreciated. Hopefully that will be corrected in the update… Eric Thibeault …Product Specialist…"