A step into the past

This morning, i took advantage of the “summersale” and bought the M1 VST from Korg, a workstation i owned in earlier days and which i liked very much.
I also grabbed the “Virtual CZ” - a synthesizer i’ve never owned but from which i heard a lot.
It is currently on sale at Plugin Boutique and it is additionally bundled with a synth named “Iris 2” from Izotope as a giveaway.


I will install and test them this evening and i am looking forward to a nice 80’s/90’s throwback-friday (i hope, the VSTs sound as good as i expect, else it could be a throwup-friday :laughing: )


Hi Erik,
I saw your post on the Korg M1 vst. Just wondering if you came to try it, and what you think of it.
I’ve been using the Korg synths since their release, and am quite fond of these reproductions.
I’ve never had the chance to try these hardware synths, but am using the vst’s still today as a plugin in GP.
Especially the Wavestation with its vector synth tech I find really cool, and would love to see a widget x-y pad in the future…

Curious to your experience with these synths!

There’s a work around :wink: thanks to @schamass himself !! again thanks for that!

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Right. I made something like that some time ago and it worked well.
Just try it, maybe it suits your needs?

Oh so sorry I searched for the link and ended up not pasting it into the post… difficult days…

Hi Dick,
well, i think it’s a great piece of software and i like it very much.
I dug already through a lot of sounds, which i never got a chance of listening to, when i owned the hardware synth. Now there’s almost every commercial expansion card a part of this package… it’s an unbelievable pool of sounds. And as far as i remeber, the software sounds just like the real thing.
Worth every cent of money!