A Must APP: Uninstall Korg USB-MIDI Device

I would say that an app by Korg called Uninstall Korg USB-MIDI Device is a must for Windows machines. It works for non Korg USB midi devices as well. Windows supports only an x number of USB midi devices. As you plug your USB midi devices in different USB ports, soon some of the devices won’t show up in DAWs. That’s where the Korg app comes in.

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Here’s the Korg knowledge base article about this problem:

I didn’t use any Korg devices with my computer in the last years, but I have used more than 10 unique MIDI devices with my Windows machine and have not encountered this problem so far. So it seems to be a bit more complicated than that… It is confirmed than Windows XP had a 10 device limit, but it is probably gone in newer versions (if the new APIs are used).

Anyway, thanks for the heads up, I’ll keep it in mind if I ever encounter such a problem :slight_smile: