A Little Help With New HoTone Ampero Foot Control

Hello all my GP friends,

So as I’m learning to use GP, of course I want to expand my options. After all, the possibilities are endless, right?

I just picked up one of these:

To start, GP detects the new foot controller straight away.

However, none of the foot switches are programed out of the box, but the best part, you can program the switches in many fashions using this screen:

For a simple start, I’m attempting to program Footswitch 4 to control the System Actions - Parameter 41 - NextSongpart:

My problem, I cannot use the “Learn” function because the foot switches have no natural programmed state - they are blank so-to-speak.

So what should I use to trigger the Systems Actions - Parameter 41 - NextSongpart?
Is it a PC change or CC change?

In the example below, I programmed FS4 for MIDI Channel 10, Type CC, Data 1: 41 (parameter number?) and Data 2 as 127. However, the result when tested, it changes the song list to Song Number 1, rather than next song part. Also, if I’m in the Panel mode and test the switch, it changes to Rackspace Number 1, only mentioning this for help in diagnosis.

I’ve checked both the Global MIDI Monitor and a MIDI Monitor inserted into the specific Rackspace, and the footswitch does register in both monitors, it’s just not controlling the Next Song Part system action.

I’m sure it’s something simple like PC change rather than CC, or specific parameter numbers, but it seems no matter what I try, the switch just changes to the first song in the song list instead of advancing to the next song part.

As always, all your help is deeply appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Make each button be just a momentary CC message (127 when pressed, 0 when released) and then do everything else from gig performer.

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Hi @dhj, thanks for the quick reply.
Ok, I changed the MIDI edit to CC 127 and the Channel to Omni. The Edit MIDI Message area shows a Data 1 and Data 2. So I entered 127 for Data 1 and 0 for Data 2.

I also learned that the controller was sending program change (PC) messages at the same time, so I turned the PC portion off. Now when the FS is pressed, it no longer jumps to the first song in the song list. However, it is still not forwarding to the next song part.
It hits both the Global and Rackspace Midi Monitors with this:

Should it be on a specific MIDI Channel? Any other suggestions?

Solved, with the help of @dhj.

I went back to the foot controller Edit Midi Messages area, and I entered the Parameter Number of the Systems Action in the Data 1 field. Then I entered 127 for Data 2. [I picked up that little bit of data from the Pedal Guy in this YouTube video: Hotone Ampero Control | Pure MIDI - YouTube]

After I made those changes in the foot controller app, I then did the “learn” function, and voilà - It Worked! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:
Here’s what the changes looked like:

This is a great little unit, small, built like a tank, and very versatile. It has inputs for two additional Expression Pedals, so I’m going to figure that out next!

I love this place; thanks for all the help!

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A few comments:

  • From your screenshots, it looks like setting the channel on your ampero to “Omni” will send the same CC message 16 times. This is just ‘noise’ that doesn’t help with anything, so it’s best you choose one specific channel.
  • The parameter number for the System Actions block has no influence/relevance for what you’re trying to do. You could set your footswitches to any CC number and be able to successfully Midi Learn it to the widget/parameter.
  • Just checking you were aware you could midi learn Next/Prev in the Global Midi GP options. That way it will work in every gig file automatically, and not require you to add a widget for this purpose.
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