A legend reborn: Roland JD-800

Finally Roland managed to convert another great synthesizer legend to a plugin:
The JD-800

This synth with all this “countless” faders, knobs and buttons was something like a wet dream for me when it came out in the early 90s… i only got a chance to test-play it once at the Frankfurt Music Fair, and i really enjoyed it. I guess i will install and play it again tomorrow. yay :sunglasses: :nerd_face:


That’s great, but I think, I’m not ready to use the Roland Cloud…

What’s the CPU utilization?

The JD-800 Zenology Pro extension is not new and it is probably the only option for low CPU (not sure the one of your link is the Zenology version). However, always the same problem with Roland, even with a lifetime key, you have to have a monthly internet connection. If not I would have already bought their Zenology Analog Bundle. They had an offer this summer :confused:

Still having fun with the real deal :wink: … at least in the studio.


When you ever walk through empty alleys at night and you should notice something yellow lurking in the shadows… that’s my envy! :wink: :pleading_face:
Congrats for having this treasure at home! :+1:

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And please, don’t tell me you have a Jupiter 8 in your studio! :star_struck:

Ahhh… well I was close, I have a Super Jupiter MKS-80.
I did some concerts with it, when a rack of sound modules was needed.

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You can lock me in your studio whenever you want! :star_struck:


I have a JD-800 and a Jupiter 6. Does that count…?


Actually the JD-800 has the red glue problem and I need to get around to cleaning it up sometime soon.


On a blank gig and rackspace it takes about 6% CPU when doing nothing and it climbs up to 24% when i grab with both hands as many keys as i can (using a big sounding pad sound).
My machine is a i7 @4GHz / 32GB RAM running WIN 10

BTW: The JD-800 module for the Zenology plugin behaves exactly the same - and i think it does so sound-wise as well. But the new plugin has the way cooler look! :nerd_face:

I thought that it would be less for Zenology… :thinking:

If that’s what you’re seeing in Gig Performer, then that means that that plugin is doing a ton of stuff inside the audio processing block even when there should be nothing to do.

Please correct me if I am wrong.
If you use Zenology Pro you have a full JD800 engine with editing inside Zenology window. It’s that way since months and it sounds quite well.
With plugin (new?), you have a full JD800 board simulation with all sliders and pots like old hw model.
But no sound difference or editing feature difference.
So the pleasure of buying an expensive SW out of Zenology account is only for your eyes.
Am I right?

Yeah, i relate to the GP CPU indicator.

I’m afraid you are most probably right…
I think, it might be interesting for those who don’t have Zenology…