9 busses for 9 devices


I am brand new to OSC, I am not English, I run GigPerformer (GP) on a Windows 10 laptop connected to a Motu 828x audio interface through USB.

I installed Open Stage Control and got a slider and a knob each controlling a parameter of two separate VST’s in GP. I also control these parameters from within the Chrome browser on my Android device, which is great. So far.

But before I spend many hours and at the end find out that it is not possible, please tell me if the following is possible with GP and Open Stage Control:

  1. My FOH engineer to have access to a FOH mixer screen (FOH/Main bus) on his Android Tablet

I don’s see this as a problem BUT, here comes the tricky part (I think)

I also have 8 band members. Each of them has their in-ear-monitors plugged into one of the 8 analogue outputs of the Motu 828.

  1. While the FOH engineer has access to a FOH mixer screen on his Android tablet (and of course adjusting parameters on the FOH bus), at the same time, I want the 8 band members to use their Android phones, each member to select one out of 8 monitor busses and each have a 24 channel monitor mixer screen on their phone and be able to adjust their own monitor mix.

Building the 9 busses in GP is not a problem. My question is:
With GP and Open Stage Control … how do I get 8 separate monitor mixer screens and a separate FOH mixer screen (9 screens) displayed independently on 9 separate Android devices, all adjusting parameters in GP?

Can I do it from within one instance of GP?
Or should I run 9 instances all connected to my one Audio Interface, each instance with its own OSC address?

I hope my question makes sense.

Are you using cuemix?
I would make this routing on Cuemix and not in GP.
What signals go in GP and out?
When you make a complete monitoring in GP you have to include a lot of mixers.
CueMix is designed for that.

Hi PianoPaul,

I did not plan to use Cuemix because I want to add VST’s (using GP) that is not provided by Cuemix. So I thought I’d only use the 828x’s inputs and outputs and do the rest within GP (and control it with Open Stage Control)

But since I am a novice, I would really appreciate any advice as to how I can accomplish my goal in the most efficient way. If it can be done by using Cuemix and combine it with GP to add VST’s, please point me into the right/best/most efficient direction.

OK, not so easy.
Use the Audio In of Motu to get the signals in
Send the signals, processed audio or plugins to the Motu Interface
On CueMix you route that signals to the out you need.
This way you can make independent Monitor Mixes on the CueMíx.

When you would do that in GP, you need a lot of mixers,
Believe me for that task CueMix is designed for.

But to get the software returns in the MOTU use the ADAT Out and ADAT in.
So send the signals from GIG Performer to the adat out of Motu and put an optical cable from the ADAT out if the MOTU and connected it to the other ADAT In of the Motu,

When you want to go professional then take a look at the RME Interfaces.
They support software returns.

I don’t have experience with multiple devices. But it is possible to use a tabbed layout in Open Stage Control - where each tab could be used by a different person.

I tested with 2 phones, and if you turn on the OSC ‘Bypass’ option for the parent ‘Panel’, then it won’'t sync the tab selection between all the devices (you don’t want one person changing a tab to have it also change for everyone else). After doing this, I could have each phone on a separate tab and controlling its own fader.

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