61key controller keyboard

I really like my Arturia KeyLab MkII. However, the sliders still are on the wrong side for me to use it as the upper board in my rig.

As I’m moving away from my hybrid setup (Keylab + Kurzweil Forte SE) I’m considering to pick a KeyLab 88 MkII as a new lower board and swap the upper board to one with the sliders on the left.

As far as I can see the offering here is little. Fast synth keybed, aftertouch and 9 faders are a must.

So, from a first look there are

  • M-Audio Oxygen Pro 61 (described as half weighthed - so more piano style
  • Novation Impulse 61 (same…)
  • Nektar Panorama T6 (?)

Any opinions about the keybeds - I’m looking for something comparable to the Arturia, which I find quit good

What about the support of LED feedback by GP widgets?

Any other suggestions?

Here in this thread

you find a lot of answers.

I had a M-Audio Oxygen Pro 61, but besides a few little things the keys were too sharp for me, I could get injured. Now I use a Fantom-0 for this purpose, but it lacks aftertouch. There are also other suggestions in the thread quoted above. For example, I really liked the Behringer MOTÖR 61, but it’s obviously no longer available for purchase.

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