6 Channel Template

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After much experimenting, here is my “go-to” rackspace for AWAKEN - A Tribute to the Music of Yes.
As many of you know, Yes music requires an extensive palette of sounds for each song. So I begin each tune with a front panel with 6 channels tied to a 16 channel Audio Mixer in the rear.

The upper Left button is tied to the Solo of each channel in the mixer.
The upper Right button is open, and I typically map it to the “Bypass” of whatever plugin the channel is linked to.
The Gain knob on top is tied to the Gain on the rear panel of its corresponding channel.
This I use should I need to map an expression pedal from any controller.
The VU Meters and Slider are mapped to Volume of corresponding channel in the Audio Mixer.
The bottom 2 buttons and knobs are left open should they be needed to map to anything specific in the plugin assigned to that channel.

6 Channel Rackspace.rackspace (865.3 KB)


Why do you need those separate Gain blocks?

I keep them there ready to go because many times I will want to map one of my expression pedals to that instead of the plugin directly. If I use it, great. If not, it just sits at ZERO.

So, I set the volume of the mixing channel (the center slider) to the MAX volume I would want for a particular sound, then use the Expression Pedal / Gain block underneath that.

Just wanted to say thanks Joey! I watched your presentation with GP and fully appreciate your efforts!



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