6 Channel Template Modified VCS-1/B-3x Widgets

Hey GPers!

Here’s a rackspace with most of the ideas stolen from the hard work of Joey and Erik (and a few others) :smile: :smile: :smile:

Highlights include:
• A calibrated BIG meter to always see where your summing sits and what you’re sending to FOH. “0VU” = -18dbfs, giving you lots of headroom. I keep a master TokyoDawn LimiterGE in my global rack and send back that signal to the Master meter here. The LOCAL meter is a simple sum of all of the channels in this rack. NOTE:, the metering has an input boost of about 10dB for both the local and master so that a -18db signal just barely lights up the first “YELLOW” segment on this display

• Solos and Mutes on each channel, as well as Gain and Channel Fader (Thanks Joey!). The gain knob is probably the most useful widget in the rackspace for me

• Each channel has a STOMP pedal like activation - click anywhere around the dual meters/buttons and you can group activate or de-activate a bunch of things related to that channel simultaneously - eg bypass VSTs, processing, note on etc

• Mapped SSL-like Widgets for VCS-1 channel strip on each channel, with most of parameters mapped. Love VCS-1, but the GUI frustrates me becasue most of the EQ Gain knobs are in the wrong spot :smile:! Meters under the output fader show a very ROUGH indication of compressor Gain Reduction (very handy - but you kinda have to feel it out visually). If more than half of the meter lights up, it probably means you’re over doing it.

• Also, there’s a rackspace that has all of the above, but also includes Hammond B-3x ready on Channel1 with some of Erik’s brilliant Hammond B-3x rackspace features -including Aftertouch triggering LeslieSpeed, and a partial widget panel for Drawbar control

Hope you enjoy this rack!

Please let me know how it works out for you or if you have any questions.


6Chhannel_MOD_B3-Pianoteq.rackspace (9.1 MB)
6Chhannel_MOD.rackspace (7.7 MB)


Geeze Louise! That looks awesome.
Gotta play with this one :wink:



This is why Gig Performer is great! Incredible flexibility and great community! Gonna try this out!