5 VST keyboard split/layer with scripting

As a new member of the GP community, I’d like to share my very first rackspace that I hope to put it through it’s pace as soon as possible. Script was provided and compiled by @schamass, and I was helped by several other members of the community.

General features of the rack:
Very basic rackspace for 5 instrument VST’s, intended to be used as a keyboard split where the VST 1 has a set split point from C-2 to B2, while VST 2 to 5 start from C3 to G8, which also and can be layered if desired. You can also assign a VST FX to run in one more of the parts as a microphone, guitar…or any other audio input of your choice.

Each VST has a dedicated Show/Hide Plug-in window and Mute buttons, as well as individual volume slider for quick adjustments on-the-fly.

5 VST rackspace with scripting.rackspace (708.3 KB)


Very nice!