48 Channel Mixer and more

I created a Global Workspace that lets me shape vocal and instrumental busses and mix them together using my favorite mostly SSL plugins…mostly because I like the SSL sound and figure I will never be able to afford a real one…but I have an x32 and an DN-9630 and related equipment and now GigPerformer

I then decided to add a rack space that feeds into this with all 48 channels available, each with its own SSL processing, to give me a rather large scale SSL mixer (I do community theater and sometimes over 50 channels, so this is not enough, but it is a fun start). It actually works, though it is nearly impossible to change because of all the connections (I allow each of 48 channels to be on/off for each of 8 busses so variations can be used to manage them).

It is amazing what GigPerformer can do on a PC because this actually works.

Some integration with SSL360 for “channel” naming would help, some way to hide connections to widgets or at least lock them would be nice…because just touching this risks blowing something up…but there’s a lot of potential and I am glad to be a GigPerformer user!



Holy moly I would not want to debug that!

Amazing setup though - absolutely agree with your sentiment that it’s slightly mind-boggling that this is even possible to do! GP is such an incredible tool.


First, thank you for sharing this amazing setup. What is your PC specification?

We want to hear more about the community theater! Is this setup live (have you already used it?) or this is work in progress?

Some of these things are in the TODO list :slight_smile:

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At this point the 48 channel mixer is proof of concept. I tested it with 2 variations by sending 30 tracks through it (with 48 enabled) and it worked…but more testing is needed The main role of the 48 channel mixer is to tone shape, mute/unmute/route and that can be automated in variations. I need to play more with a re-enactment from actual material though. These 48 channels feed into the 8 channel (busses really) rackspace and that’s where the biggest sound shaping and blending takes place,. I have used almost this same flow in REAPER live in several productions and it worked great, but I was very limited in what I could adjust and how I could place faders because REAPER is not designed for live mixing. With GigPerformer and custom racks I now have at my hands the controls I wished I had in REAPER. I have tun lots of pre-recorded material through this 8 channel (really busses) space and it works great. It has not been used in the field yet though. With the 48 channel mixer, the mixer inputs are also fed from the AES feed and the console becomes the monitor mixer and output manager, receiving the main content back from the 8 channel/bus Rackspace. I needed to mute and unmute the x32 channels to match the GigPerformer channels so the OSC direct addressable feature was used for that. Being one-way, this means I do need to control the mute/unmute etc. form variations in GigPerformer. I need the feeds to the x32 live at all times for pre-fade listening at any time to troubleshoot problems and also to enable 32 track recording of raw content at all times at the xlive card on the x32(s)

Good to know that some new features are in the works. Having node points (node in/node out paired by assigned names) would be great. They would not even have to have lines drawn between them…enabling angling of widgets would also help…and of course locking existing connections so nothing bad happens. I have a list of ideas so once I graduate to access to the feature area I will share them :slight_smile: .

The computer is an HP OMEN i7 12th gen HP CK1111 12700H/16/1/17.3 (OMEN by HP 17-ck1797nr, 17.3", Windows 11 Home, Intel® Core™ i7, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD, NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3070 Ti, QHD) I use the OMEN Gaming Hub Performance Control tool to also remove extra processes for performance maximization.

It is really nice to have such a usable tool at my fingertips (I use a 24 inch Planar touchscreen, x32 full or rack, or 2 x32s and a rack when needed, the DN 9630 for interfacing to the PC, Mixing Station, and the x32 xEdit software and TheatreMix as well).


One more test has completed…with a DL16 and GigPerformer (using the above) you can also have a 16x8 interface and mixer with the use of the DN 9630…the mixer is not really needed for this use-case and all processing can take place in GgPerformer.

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