4 (fill-in) shows this past week

Fri: Bally’s Dover Downs, DE

Sat: Valley Forge Casino, PA

Tues: Golden Nugget, NJ

Fri: Wind Creek Casino, PA

Got another fill-in show w/this band (M80) at Pocono Raceway in 3 weeks…I should get some great photos there!


Thanks Thomas, for what bands are you filling in?

Can you please share a sentence or two about your setup and rig? :slight_smile:

npudar – certainly!

The name is of the band is M80 (an 80s tribute) out of Lehigh Valley area of PA. I played with them 2018-19. Set up is simple: Novation 61 SLMk3 controller and a Focusrite Scarlet Solo. GigPerformer allows me to both travel lightly and handle 80s synth pop quite easily :slight_smile:

And, I recently joined a Journey tribute band called Highway Run (also from eastern PA)…have 2 holiday gigs with them this week. Will also share those photos!


I guessed wrong. I instantly thought of the M80 firecrackers we “played” with in the '60s. They were big ones. Red tubes with the fuse in the center. We liked to light them, stuff them in a large bottle and heave them off the bridge into the river and hope they went off under the next bridge a block away. If we got the timing right, you could hear the boom all over town. :rofl: M80s and cherry bombs were boss!

Looking forward to more of your gig reports!

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Oh, also, the laptop is an Asus ROG Strix Hero Edition - 8th gen core i7, with 16GB DDR4, 128 GB SSD and 1 TB HD.

Omnisphere does most of the work – with Kontakt (for pianos, etc.) and Korg M1 + NI FM8 for specialty stuff.

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Yeah, I’m old enough to know M80s :wink:

I’m glad to finally see drum shield panels on small stages, it should be compulsory!
The price isn’t excessive, it’s just a bit heavier to transport, but it’s really worth it, both for the FOH technician and for the musicians :wink: