4.7 upgrade link

I’m trying to find the link to download the 4.7 upgrade, but the only one I see is one that appears to take me to a complete 4.x download. What am I missing here?

What do you mean by “complete 4.x download”?
4.7 upgrade is just a complete installer, no patch install.

This is the page that the link takes me to.
Screenshot 2023-10-14 at 12.39.39 PM

That should be the download for 4.7, as 4.7 is the recent release.

Still confused. Is that what I need to download? I appears to be the entire GP 4.x

Where do you see that this is not 4.7?

When you follow the link this is shown


Download the package

It is. There is no patch version. What is the concern?

As said, install this version, which is 4.7.
Your current GP version will remain installed, and you’ll be able to keep it or uninstall it whenever you like.

Uhm….updating to a new version of 4.x will remove the older version of 4.x as far as I am aware

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Ok, I think I may have confused it with another program!
Thank you for correcting my mistake.