2nd instance for recording

I’m using Gp w guitar synth, mainstage w a fousrite interface for vocal processing and a 2nd computer for recordings 18 tracks from a midas mr18.

I’m thinking of eliminating the 2nd computer and record on a 2nd instance w gp. This would be 2 instances of gp on 2 different interfaces at different buffer sizes. The computer is a fairly new Mac w M1 Pro, ssd, 32 gig memory.

Is that going to work? Will computer overheat or need a bigger audio buffer? Using 2 interfaces w different buffer size work?

OK, are there any questions? :slight_smile:

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Thank you for editing the post.

1] Yes.
2] It should work, but make sure to test thoroughly.
3] I’d only make sure that the sample rate is the same, buffer sizes can be different.

Please tell us how it goes.

Big gig tomorrow so not testing it yet. Regard to MacBook overheating- I’m in SC and will be doing some outdoor gigs. I don’t think blowing 95 degree air is going to do much cooling. One thought is to set the computer on those fabric covered and flexible ice paks that wrap around sore knees.

Has anyone tried that? Other laptop cooling solutions better than blowing hot air?

A “normal” operating temp for the CPU under load is 150+ degrees. Blowing 95 degree air isn’t bad.

Cold packs of any sort will tend to produce a lot of condensation, so I’d be pretty careful about how to use that as a source of laptop cooling outdoors (where humidity can run high).

The only two useful thoughts I have for keeping a laptop at a reasonable temp outdoors are 1) shade, and 2) keep it physically spaced from anything else. Don’t just set it on a table. Raise it off the surface of the table with some kind of spacers on the corners so air can circulate under it. Laptops are usually designed to dissipate heat through the case.


I had a laptop overheat and malfunction badly after being in the sun for a bit. I’d definitely recommend some sort of shade or way of reflecting the sun so it doesn’t heat up the case. As mentioned above, machines can operate at higher ambient temperatures (and they do that all day long in the warmer locales around the planet).

But, music software can often utilize a computer’s resources at a higher level than normal, so it’s not a bad idea to help move the hot air coming off and out of the case away from the machine with a fan. There are fancier options (see Amazon…) but I have read that they don’t necessarily help much more than simply ensuring there is a gap around the sides and bottom of a laptop.

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