2 instances of GP

Just spent the last 10 hours working with GP. I’ve got 2 instances open, I’ve watched the videos. I have the settings just like the video’s say. I watched the video on syncing the Song lists (and its working). I have audio from both, what I don’t have is midi. I have everything that I’m aware of selected and no midi from the 2nd instance. What do I have to do to get midi to work from the 2nd one?


Ill answer any question about my set up.
i7 4 core
32 gig ram
1 Tb ssd
SSL 12
casio CTX 5000
Windows 10

You have to use a multi client midi driver

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@pianopaul, Thank you so much!!! That’s a huge thing to need to know. Any recommendations for one for windows?

Please first read this article: Gig Performer | How to use a single-client ASIO driver with multiple applications on Windows

And here’s a possible solution: Sending MIDI from one device to multiple programs


I will follow the article, but this is way more difficult then it should be. I hope in the update we don’t have to go through this anymore. You’ve created something that I think is as important as MIDI was when first introduced. I have a powerful computer limited to 17% of one core. The possibilities would be truly endless when this gets opened up!!

By the way, I love GP!! And thank you all for the continued help.

Well, it’s more difficult because of Windows driver limitations, not Gig Performer’s fault.

We are just looking for various approaches to help Gig Performer users cope with those driver limitations.

Mac users have advantage in this area, as everything is multi-client and can be routed freely and easily.


I would consider getting Bome Midi Translator. You can create up to 9 virtual MIDI ports to use. On top of that, any MIDI translation needs you will ever have are covered with this piece of software. It’s not free, but it is well worth the money if you’re going to use multiple instances.

I use 4 instances of GP and 1 instance of Reaper, and Bome routes every controller and message to its appropriate location.

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I tried for most of the day. I got the midi to work with LoopBe1. Audio was never a problem. Then I hit the script for changing the songs and it didn’t work today where it was working yesterday. I think I just stay with the one instance and try and take stuff out or use the bypass feature where I can. Right now, it’s just too complicated for me to deal with. If something were to go wrong on stage, I’d had no way to fix it, because I don’t know enough about it. My cover band is already asking me to just go back to the one keyboard and drop GP. I’m going to stay with GP, the upside is just too huge. I’m good with the one instance. I understand how all of that works and I believe in GP.

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Maybe you should push back, guitarists and players also use Gig Performer. And they have an opportunity to sound better :slight_smile:

Bunch of stuff is covered in the manual, YouTube, and blog articles or community threads.
Of course, there are also Gig Performer gurus here to provide you with the best practices.

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