X-Touch Mini how to change 'proportional' mode of knobs

Hello guys,
I bought a few weeks ago the X-Touch Mini, it’s fine but one big issue is that the knobs have some kind of proportional mode.
Not usuable if you assigne cut off of things like that.
Do you know if there is any way to change that ? I’m on mac.
I’ll ask Behring too and tell you if anything can be done but if you have any tips :wink:

Thanks !

May be this helps:

I can’t remember how mine was set by default when I bought it, but I’m surprised if the encoders are in relative mode.

Still can’t believe Behringer don’t have a Mac editor for it! I needed to use a Windows VM on my Mac in order to use their editor to make changes.

Hello, thanks !
Did you manage to put it the “good” mode ? (I don’t have the term for it)

I have it in what I thought was the default ‘Absolute’ mode, where the LED ring starts at value 0 in the bottom-left and will increase to value 127 in the bottom-right.

It does take about 2 1/2 full rotations of the knob to go from 0 to 127.

‘shit’ ! Ahaha :slight_smile: I want it to do the full rotation faster than 2 + 1/2 turn.

I haven’t seen that ability in the x-touch editor.

You could use GP script to scale the incoming midi (e.g. double the value) and then use that to change the widget, so you only have to turn it half as much to go from 0 to 127.

However the LED on the x-touch knob won’t be in sync with the actual value (if that’s a concern).

I will try to do that :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot !!