Transpose in Halfsteps

As using a midi keyboard (NI S88) and a midifigther controller, I would like to set a slider or what ever to transpose ±11 Halfsteps and a reset to 0 when I click on the knob of the MF Twister. Of course I should seen the value I did set.
Any help ist really appreciated !!!


What is stoping you?

You have access to MIDI IN transpose, just learn this parameter to a widget and then midi map.
If its a global Transpose you can use System Actions Block.


If you want to transpose at a rackspace variation change, while holding keys of the previous transposition, you can also use the scriptlet of this example rigfile:


See the below.

You will need to use Rig Manager to Learn your MIDI Fighter Twister knobs for “Transpose” and “Reset Transpose” . Then you can set your widgets to link to those learned values.

Transpose-2021-09-04.gig (38.0 KB)

You might also need to set up a widget to send MIDI out to your MFT to reset the encoder to the 1/2 way point with the push of the transpose reset button.


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I need some time to get this evaluated - thx a lot