Tim Hartnell

I originally bought Gig Performer for my keyboard setup which I love and use regularly. I have found however, that it also makes a really great swiss army knife / problem solver for my day job in live broadcast sound. Often, the setups I work with are at the lower end of budgets, so the need for a ‘get out of jail free card’ app happens quite often…

If needed, via Dante and controlled by Touch OSC on an old ipad, I have fast access to noise reduction, de-essing, EQs, dynamics etc. on up to 8 channel inserts (or 4 stereo channels with a different bunch of buss processing type of plugins). But I also use it for master limiting and metering of my output, as well as streaming codec auditioning, tone generation, 24 audio players ready to go for playout and of course a no nonsense multitrack backup recorder running in the background.

With this I can deal with most problems (if the mixer can’t) with ease. The idea is to have a load of things on instant standby that can be used when needed with minimal fuss. Pretty much, live operation is now down to a single button push and perhaps an ‘amount’ slider here or there. It’s rock solid on my Clevo laptop, with lots of CPU headroom and low enough round trip latency to not need to ever worry about it (I often need to delay audio by a frame or so to lip sync with the picture anyway).

It’s been with me on every job for a while! :grin:


This is Über Cool! Thanks for sharing!


Perfect! :ok_hand:t2:

Tnank you very much for sharing this!

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