Six Months Creating In Gig Performer

What exactly are you trying to achieve? What are VST host changes?

My advice here is to write without digressions and be as clear and concise as possible :slight_smile:


In the type of soundscape I attempt I want to make more long-time-scale changes to VST controls. I’ve been using sequencers for discrete infrequent changes as periodic CC values. I’ve also (although didn’t go into this in the live stream with Brett) created a number of REAKTOR (also Voltage Modular etc) setups that output various streams of CC values describing these LFO waveforms, left up to REAKTOR (or Voltage Modular, etc) as to the exact timing of these CC values etc.

Seems like REAKTOR (or VM, etc) transparently does a lot of time/MIDI 1.0 UART spec management for accomplishing this, which I don’t want to undertake in scripting. — perhaps I’ve already found the optimum method, I’m not sure.

I know how to send such a stream of CC values to a VST using MIDI. I don’t know (but probably can learn) how to send such a sequence of CC values via host automation - I presume using GPScript.

Example: Let’s say I wanted to vary CC1 along a 1Hz LFO waveform shape, or more typically create some sort of “wandering” LFO waveform by having some REAKTOR Blocks oscillators cross feeding each other’s A and B modulation inputs… and have all that come out as a nice neat sequence of “sane” CC values to change a VST control over time. Part of what I’m sculpting here is relying on REAKTOR’s digital CV generation tools—I’m not outputting “random” CC values.

I don’t know yet how to do that using host automation instead of converting these CV waveforms in REAKTOR into CC values on a MIDI channel. I realize this may depend on using some REAKTOR means to output host automation changes in place of the MIDI CC changes. Have I reined in my ADHD there enough?

To ask this question another way because it might make more sense in terms of CPU utilization …? If I recorded these CC value streams into a MIDI file for example; how could I use a GPScriptlet to simply relay them to the target VST as host automation changes, rather than as MIDI CC value changes.

Also these might be crazy questions. I’m not sure about that yet. There maybe a completely more sensible way of accomplishing this that I simply missed. I never claimed to be sensible.

This is also the first time I’ve let these ideas outside of my own cranium before in like 7 months now, so I apologize if I’ve made myself even less clear.

I’m not a scripting guru, but you can, for example, use a rackspace script to move a knob widget’s value a little bit on every beat (and modify it to send CC values).

A basic example gig file you can download in this blog (the bonus rackspace): Gig Performer | Working with panels and widgets

Also make sure to check out this blog: [blog] The most flexible MIDI processing

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Postscript: after a personally difficult October slowed everything down a bit, I’m moving into my next experimental run. This time the emphasis moves to include Gig Performer’s OSC capabilities, which dovetails nicely with my thousands of fairly advanced use case hours of live streaming experience on Twitch and YouTube. So I’m heading for having Gig Performer controlling music AND visuals, even sync’ing them. Also Gig Performer being controlled by OSC, and ultimately Gig Performer controlling Gig Performer controlling OSC while being controlled and monitoring via external OSC. That is indeed a mouthful. Should keep me busy for a while.

(Turns in Arne Jacobson egg chair, revealing cat in lap)

As with VST crashes, none of this is Gig Performer’s doing. Gig Performer remains fantastic!


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@David-san You know, when you lack enough musical skill to pull off sunglasses you have to attempt to compensate with white cloth tape between the eyes of your non-sunglasses.

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Just a little bump this is still happening. I have something almost ready.

And I made a whole bunch of stuff with a winter/Christmas theme. Which circumstances curtailed me presenting. Fortunately I can re-stock visuals and re-use, but in my evidently pathologically experimental usage case I came up with a whole bunch of new stuff I had not anticipated.

When it comes to scientific experimentation of this type I tend to become Bill Nye the Explosion Guy. But that’s probably better for me because otherwise I’d never jog and leap away at all.