Send program change to my rev2

Is there an easy way to send program changes to my rev2 so that I have a setlist with program changes that switch between songs and no dialing into my rev2 ?
I’ve started looking to this post : Send a MIDI message out when song part changes
Now I’m stuck, I want to delete the verse and chorus in song mode and it seems I can’t ? (Screenshot >


So your problem now is not sending out PC messages but delete song parts?

in the popup menu (when you press the button with … )
“Remove active song part”

Thank you very much. No that was another problem :slight_smile:

My new problem is that I need to learn how to create a midi message.
I mean, what to put in it ! I don’t know anything about that !
Thanks and sorry

Does your Rev2 react on normal PC messages?

I think so :sweat_smile:

Test with this.
Create a new gig
Create a rackspace
Include the Midi Out to your Rev2
In the properties of the Midi Out you can set a PC message to be sent when the rackspace is activated.
When this is working we know what message to use in the Song Part properties.

Thank you :slight_smile:
So now I’m indeed able to change automaticaly program (and bank) when I change the rackspace.
Is this possible to change with variations rather than rackspace ?

I don’t see any message in the song part properties

You answered the question by yourself :wink:
Here it is described in detail
I’ve started looking to this post : Send a MIDI message out when song part changes

Song Part Properties, here you an compose multiple Message to be sent, not only PC messages
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Great great great! What would I do without you !
I have a weird issue with my mac, I think it’s due to my USB hub that’s bad, but when everything is plugged, I can’t connect to internet, so for exemple it is a problem since I can’t open the helper tool without it.
I should receive soon a powered usb hub.
But if you have any ideas…
You’re the best man !!!
How can I thank you :frowning:

Gimme a gig :wink:

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Haahah why not :wink:
When are you coming in France ?

Depends …

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