Script Editor - Dark Mode?

GP’s entire UI experience uses such a nice, easy-on-the-eyes dark theme - except for the Script Editor, which blinds my (admittedly older) eyes.

Anyone know of a way to achieve Dark Mode in the Script Editor, other than using the (e.g., Mac) Invert Colors Accessibility feature? Invert Colors does help the Script Editor, but at the expense of rest of GP’s UI, and flipping it on and off is a pain.

Any ideas or workarounds?



Hi @hpunyon ,

I am not aware of such a feature but I think this is a good idea.


T. Could you enter this as a features request please. Thanks.


It’s been a feature request for the chords/lyrics page… I see the advantage for scripting as well.


There’s a workaround - create your gpscript in an external file using your preferred code editor (notepad++, vscode, whatever). All these can use dark themes and may have useful other features.
However they don’t have an official syntax highlighting extension for gpscript of course.
In the video, Michel ended up using Pascal syntax highlighting which seems to be not too bad.
Then, just add a one-line script in the built-in editor importing it.

Detail on how it can be done can be found here: at around 54:00

Link: Syntax highlighting for VS Code - updated for 4.8.2

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ha, okay this is next level awesomeness :smiley: