Routing to Pro tools

I just love Gigperformer and playing live.

How can I route the output of my Gigperformer Rack to be recorded in Pro Tools?

I’d like to have both apps open at once.

What operating system are you on?

Mojave. Focusrite Clarett 4Pre interface. Pro Tools 2019

This comes to my mind…

You also use the-old-trick SPDIF OUT > IN
(GP send to SPDIF OUT - PT receives from SPDIF IN) no latency :wink:

What I just did was hardwire outputs 3-4 to inputs 3-4. Assigned GP to Outputs 3-4 and inputs to Protool being inputs 3-4. Pretty much the same thing as the SPDIF suggestion.

I may try that next so I still have analog outputs 3-4 available for other purposes.
Thanks keyman.

Actually can’t find in GP how to send out to SPDIF. I can use SPDIF inputs, but not outputs.

Did you activate the spdif output in the audio preferences of GP?

It doesn’t show up. When I select the Focusrite the outputs that can be activated are only 1-8

It shows all the inputs, SPDIF, ADAT, etc. but only analog outputs.

is the spdif output available in pro tools?

Nope. The analog out to analog in is working fine though.

try this, seems spdif has to be activated

Just read that, it’s all about physical SPDIF, not SPDIF to SPDIF. Maybe by hooking up a physical SPDIF device it would kickstart the interface and GP would see it, but I’m just going to stick with the analog out to analog in solution for now.

Source-Nexus worked, but with .3 latency it was useless for overdubbing music tracks.

Thanks for all your help. GP is really amazing.

I just wish there was an undo when editing lol.

Just an FYI as we’re working together I figured I’d explain my setup.
I use a Kurzweil keyboard controller (don’t use it’s internal sounds) routed to a Mac Pro.

Sounds are Trilian Basses, Keyscape keyboards, EZDrummer and an old Yamaha TX7 MIDI module. Tons of plugins, mostly Waves. I make that old TX7 sound amazing, all I use is the Jazz Guitar patch.

IMHO, the most elegant solution to this problem is software-based audio routing. On macOS, there is the excellent Loopback which @keyman already mentioned. A newer free alternative is BlackHole. You can combine that with macOS’ built-in aggregate audio devices and voilà: Lossless low-latency audio routing that does not require any channels on your HW interface :slight_smile:

Problem is the latency. Source-Nexus is the same thing and there’s about a third of second delay.

I though your question was about recording where the latency doesn’t really matter, no? :thinking:

What‘s Source-Nexus?

It’s a plug-in that allows you to route audio between applications within the computer.

Latency becomes a problem because you can’t monitor the output of the DAW and if you’re overdubbing a second track for example there are sync issues.