Program Changes for Songs from External Device

It seems like based on that older thread… that if another program is acting like your ‘setlist’ manager, that you might be best off doing what you have just suggested or… if possible, not using setlists at all and setting the PC change numbers to Rackspaces instead?

I’d love to hear some expert level opinions on this.

GP can be set so incoming PC messages do or do not automatically set to Setlists mode, so if that option is turned off, you can hard-assign PC numbers to Variations (not Rackspaces).

In this way you could hard-code Variations to respond to PC messages and avoid Songs/Parts totally, which if you’re using a 3rd party program to manage your setlists and presumably charts/lyrics and switching other hardware patches, you don’t need Songs/Parts.

Each rackspace can also send a PC when activated by having a Midi Out block with that option selected so you could in theory trigger a rackspace from Bandhelper and then GP would in turn send PC to something else (EDIT: provided that outgoing PC number was unique and not associated with another rackspace or else you might get a change:change happen).

I haven’t seemed to be able to make a rackspace send a PC command though.

EDIT: So you mentioned this above I now remember but no, you can’t then export this rackspace and have it preserve the PC number when it’s imported back in.

Here is the best solution I’ve found

  • Use the All Songs Mode in Setlist
  • Go to Edit , Reset Program Change Numbers (First Song Part only) which will sequentially assign them
  • Go to External Device (Bandhelper) and enter those PC numbers and LSB numbers. If you have over 128 songs, make sure to enter a 0 in the LSB column for the first 128 and a 1 for 129 through 256 etc
  • I’ve noticed that deleting a song or reordering songs won’t change the assigned PC numbers which is good.

What this doesn’t do is enable you to add setlists for a subset of songs so you’ll always have to use All Songs Setlist. The biggest problem with that I see is if you are using predictive modeling, you could be jumping all over the place which will require longer load times as the program will not be able to accurately predict the next song well.

I REALLY think it would be great to have an option to LOCK PC #'s in the All Songs section so that if you create other setlists they are preserved. PLEASE, PLEASE… :slight_smile:



This seems like a great suggestion @WITELITE.

Yes, this is on our list.

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@dhj Thanks so much. While I have your attention on this another suggestion that’s similar.

Your adding songs from backspaces worked brilliantly!!

I was able to easily convert all the rackspaces to songs and then number each one with an LSB and PC number as described above.

And today I went in to add a song (Reelin in the Years as I know you are a Steely Dan fan :))

My steps included after setting up the sounds and rackspace

  • Changing the rackspace numbering to my LSB and PC format for the first variation.
  • Going in and adding a song and manually selecting the rackspace for the associated song parts
  • Going into the first song part and coding in the LSB and PC

There may be an easier way but it would be great if you could

  • Add “Selected” rackspaces as songs for after you have done the batch conversion.
  • Somehow be able to assign the next PC and LSB automatically for each new rackspace or song.

Thanks for listening!


I missed the session today but just went through it and it doesn’t look like this came up. Any update on this functionality? I’d be happy to be a beta tester :smile:

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An easy way of doing this is the one thing that will stop me from purchasing this program.

Are you talking about locking PC numbers to songs?

Hi, I’m using the trial version of 4.5.8.

I use a product called Linkesoft Songbook which uses a Program Change command, which works quite well until you get to Song 128. I have been using this with Mainstage on stage, and the Program changes have worked quite well. The PC command is embedded in the Songs txt file (which is in chord Pro format).
The Global Midi Manager is Receiving the Program change messages when I receive songs, but doesn’t seem to change songs in the setlist section ( I assume that should work?). I have added the corresponding PC number in the song. I will probably do a seperate Post.

Please do. Gig Performer 4.5 does a really good job with program change messages, and you can find on the blog examples how it works with BandHelper and OnSong.

It works with another apps such as ForScore, MobileSheets, etc.

Please explain what you want to do in a new thread.

No worries.

Agree. 4.5 changed things for me and the ability to hold program change messages makes it work VERY well with external devices sending them…I use Bandhelper and it works fine now.

@Darug Take a look at 4.5:)

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I’m using 4.5.8

Did you post a separate topic? I didn’t see one…

I’m sure these guys will figure it out. Great forum!!


Hi, yes i did.

Its working.


Here is the Link

Glad it worked out. There are some reall gems in this forum including everyone on your thread.

All the best


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