Playing two instances of a single sax plugin

I own the alto sax plugin Bulldog Sax which is a plugin for Kontakt Full version.

What I want to do is play two saxes.

I thought this might be possible using two instances which are fed from two MIDI In blocks, one of them with Monophonic options set to Lowest only, one of them with Monophonic options set to Highest only, but that does not seem to work.

Is there another way to achieve this?

Take a look at that

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Depending on what you’re trying to do, you could just split your keyboard by using two separate MIDI In blocks — one for the lower half (say) and the other for the upper half, then either use two Kontakt plugins or one Kontakt plugin with two sax instruments on different channels.

The Monophonic options are not intended for what you’re trying to do. They are intended for such things as having the highest (or lowest) note of a chord you play to get routed to a different sound so you could play piano or strings and have a flute (say) play the highest note of the piano chord.

However, the Divis is the way to go if you’re trying to play both notes with one hand.

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Is there some kind of description anywhere on how to do this.

I have downloaded the gig-file, exported the rackspace and imported it to my own gig file.

I then have replaced the two first plugins with two instances of the sax. (I also set them to MIDI channel 1 and 2 in Kontakt. Don’t know if I should do that.)

The only thing I get when trying my keyboard, or the keyboard in the plugin, is some crackling coming from my speaker.

Sorry to say; I have now tried out both MIDI Divisi and MIDI Divisi Cycle, and neither of them works at all by me. Just crackling sounds in my speakers.

I may have done something fundamentally wrong, but I don’t know what that could be.

Please upload a small gig file

Sorry for being late answering. I was able to get the MIDI Divisi gig file to work.

I thought that it would work as it was when downloaded. However I had to go through all the instances and choose a Lost in the 70s instrument before it worked.

Now I have a new question;

The sax plugin I use need me to use a keystroke to choose the articulation type before starting to play. I need to press one specific C key to choose legato. This is ok when playing a single instance. However, when I use the Divisi, it need to be pressed for all the instances.

Is there a way to handle this by adding to the script, so this spesific key stroke gets through on all channels?

As it is now, the legato setting doesn’t get saved with the rackspace.

You can simply use an extra MIDI block routed to every plugin instance with the key range limited to the range of the articulations key.



Two questions;

  1. Do sending to all the plugins simultanously cause extra memory use?

  2. Do I need to use a 16 channel setup when I maybe only need to play chords with 3 or 4 notes. Can I reduse the channels like in your earlier MIDI Divisi Cycle gig file? Will this reduce memory use?

Why should that cause extra memory?
I do not think so.

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Probably temporarily a small amount….why does it matter? You weren’t planning on surfing the internet or reading your emails while performing, were you?:thinking:


No :laughing:
Just thought it might cause some extra loading of 16 instances. But I suppose they’re already loaded. I successfully run GP on a Windows PC with just 4 Gb at the moment, so always looking out to not overuse memory.

Any answer to this question?

This question was asked within the last 24 hours — though people do tend to respond quickly, I’m not sure it’s reasonable to expect an answer so quickly. Maybe if a week or two goes by…

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No expectations in a negative way :smiley: I’m very happy with how responsive this community is and all the good answers. Just got a little bit eager, and since @pianopaul, which is involved in the scripts mentioned, has answered earlier in the thread, I thought it might be an easy question for the developer.