Pc specs, buying tomorrow?

Yes, I would love to see your build info.
I have a 50 day window to test and see if the laptop is viable, I’m a bit insecure as it fails the latencymon test every time, but so far it does what I need it to (process my bass in realtime) without clicks at a good latency. But it’s good to check out some other options in case I do decide to return it. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I have a 3 rack space case that I mounted a PC in. For a CPU I have an AMD Ryzen 1800X 8-core processor with an .M2 500GB HD and 16GB of DDR4 memory. I run windows 10 along with a program I installed (free) WinPatrol which let’s me run “headless”. I.e… I turn my computer on and it boots and runs GP without any intervention needed. So basically my PC is just another switch I turn on at a gig.

I got my PC 2nd hand for $400 that was a desktop. I bought a $100 3 rack-space case and moved the guts into it. In addition I added a firewire card (about $20), a Firewire interface (M-Audio 410 - about $30 on Ebay). I have a wireless router (<$30 – I have several and I could give you 1 if you pay for shipping) that I connect to it so I can use an IPAD to login to it at a gig – but I don’t need to do this.

In addition - I always carry a wired keyboard and mouse with me at gigs – and a small 7-inch VGA monitor (about $70). 99 times out of 100 I don’t need to do anything but turn my PC on… But windows sometimes will need a keypress or something when it boots (like a CHKDSK that runs out of the blue). In that case you need to get into the computer before it boots and hit enter a couple of times – but again this is like 1 time out of 100. – Better safe than sorry so keyboard, mouse and small monitor are a backup.

We’re probably getting a little off topic here of GP-- I hope the admins don’t mind. Anyway we can chat offline if you want to delve deeper into what I do – mjlupo@yahoo.com.

What I have is just 1 of thousand’s of setups that work. Mine works well (with Firewire) and let’s me keep focused on GP and rackspaces without worrying about hardware and glitches.


As the admins and a number of moderators have graciously pointed out to me on several occasions, there is a tremendous amount of existing information on this topic and others in both this forum and the Knowledge Base/Documentation section of the GP website. Well worth just reading through what is in this Category (Hardware) and the GP website. Specs were discussed recently in this Topic and worth a read through. It covered a lot of bases in addition to NUCS.


I reply to an older post of @Furio

I had a very bad experience one year ago. A super fast gaming PC that had serious driver collisions preventing any possible audio use.

Yep. A known issue (at least for some folks). I know that rather often the ACPI driver is the culprit, combined with the bios and its settings. Nowadays, Windows would not let you disable the ACPI driver.

Sometimes creating a high performance power-profile can help. This is NOT the same as adjusting the settings of e.g. a balanced profile!

When I buy a new laptop latency is the first thing I check…

The performance optimization guides on the GP site are a very good source of information. Wish I had these 17 years ago when I bought my first Firewire enabled mixer…

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Curious. Was this a PC running with a FireWire audio interface?

Yes. But it was a laptop with a pci-express card for firewire (somewhere around 2005). There was lots to learn for me at that time. (There still is btw). Also the firewire interface of the mixer was not really ideal, leading to sync issues that resulted in disconnecting of the mixer. Later they released an II version of the same mixer.

High performance profile was possible in that windows notebook. Yes, I used every trick on this planet. Yes, ACPI was one of the problems, not the only one. I had been fighting for six months and had always very bad results on LatencyMon.
Audio was awful, lot of crackling.
I sold that PC. Looked for another one. There were something assembled from audio experts, but expensive like an Apple.
So I bought a MacBookPro.
I never had a latency issue since then

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Just a short additional question.
How do you guys use latencymon?

I ask because I have noticed that when I rundt on its own, I get too high DPC numbers for real time audio according to the software.
(ACPI is the culprit, and I’ve made all the tweaks on the internet…)

When I start gig performer before running latencymon, I get numbers that are much lower and latencymon tells me my pc is suitable.

Seams a bit counterintuitive?

Anyway, I’ve been playing for hours now and no dropouts or clocks at low latency so I guess I’m going with ears rather than latencymon (at least on its own.)

You can run LatencyMon for quite some time, but given that Windows is not really a real-time OS (or what you want to name it), it will always show some bad spikes in my experience, but you might take that with a pinch of salt (again, according to my experience). When it runs most of the time ok, then you will probably do just fine.

LatencyMon is not quite convinced about my laptop, but in reality I do not have problems or glitches. Doesn’t matter whether I’m using 96000/192 or 44100/192.

I’m more concerned by the loading of some plugins (using snapshots in Reaper). That disrupts the audio sometimes. And that’s why I’m hoping to use Gigperformer. Gigperformer makes it easier to have plugins loaded, but unused, I think.

You might try to turn off drivers and see if that makes a positive difference. Sometimes the wifi driver is a bit of a problem. You might not need it, when performing, depending on your setup.

When it is really the acpi driver and you have implemented the recommendations stated in the performance manuals from GP then, I’m sorry to say, you might be out of luck :cry:. Formerly, Dell XPS laptops where notorious for this problem, but I don’t know if that is still the case. (I hope I do not get into trouble mentioning a brand). The speed of the cpu is not the (only) limiting thing when it comes to latency.

Hope this help a little. Otherwise, please forgive me😀

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I am using a recent Dell G15 computer and I do not have any problems with audio glitch or latency even with rackspaces overloaded with plugins.
However, I have formatted the system disk to reinstall a version of windows without Dell’s programs and services and optimised according to the rules :wink:

It was the Dell XPS range. I have used different ranges without (too many) problems

Short update, I ended up returning the Lenovo and got the full refund. It was super easy, no questions asked. I did some more investigation and bough an Acer Swift 3, with i7, 16gb, 1tb m2 and Intel graphics, so no nvida drivers to worry about.
When I set it to flight mode latency mon gives it super low values, and so far (only used it at home) it has performed flawlessly. Very happy I manned up and returned the Lenovo…:slight_smile:
Thanks for all your input!


What is the software that enables auto boot.GP4?

Winpatrol. (Free edition). I have GP configured with a 30 second delay inside winpatrol so I know my sound card is awake.

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Hey thanks

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