NI String Ensemble Symphony Essentials hanging notes

I experience often hanging notes when using NI String Ensemble Symphony Essentials. This is an issue that seems to be around already for years now. But according to NI it should have been solved in version 1.4.0 ( in 2018 ). It is not solved !!

When you “google” this issue, lots of people complain about random ‘note hangs’. After extensive testing I found a way reproduce the issue in a consistent way.
I created a support ticket at NI for this, in which I explain how to reproduce it, and other observations.

Hereby the content of the ticket:

Sometimes I have hanging notes while playing Symphony Essentials String Ensemble. This Is/was a known issue, but according to the changelog it should have been fixed in version 1.4.0 (2018-10-16). I’m currently running version 1.4.1, but the issue is still not fixed.

As I use this Library during live performances, this is not something you want to happen during a performance. I did some extensive testing and found in my opinion what the issue is. I also have an easy way to reproduce the issue:

  • Press a note, and keep it pressed.
  • Then Press the Sustain pedal and keep it pressed
  • Press again the same note and keep it pressed
  • Now release the sustain pedal (while note is still pressed.
  • Now release the pressed note, and you will hear the note keeps playing.

When you observe the number of used voices, you will see that everytime you press the same note (while sustain pedal is pressed), the number of voices will increase by 2. It seems that previous sample is not being released, after triggering/playing the same note again.
When you play the same note 4 times, then 8 voices will be used. Keeping the note pressed, and then release the sustain pedal, only the last 2 voices are released, and the 6 are still playing. Pressing the sustain pedal another time, will release then all remaining voices.

I tested with all the other symphony essential / and also symphony series libraries. And this only happens with “string ensemble symphony essentials”. All other libraries will retrigger the same sample / or release it before triggering it again. In that way the number of voices will not increase while playing the same note several times.

I hope this gives a clear view on how to reproduce the issue, and in that way also a hint on how to solve it.

I only have tested this on Windows, and I’m curious if anyone can reproduce this also on Mac. To rule out GP as the cause, I tested also in Cubase and Pro Tools, and on 2 different computers. The result was everytime the same.

Well, phew!

I know this bug from several NI Kontakt sounds. But thanks to GP4 there is a solution for this:

Just use the sustain scriptlet before the plugin from this gig:

Then everything works and no note hangs.


Its nice that this solves the issue in GP. It does not change the fact the NI should get its plugin’s to work correctly. ( For the users that don’t use GP) The problem should be solved at the source, so I hope NI will somehow react, but knowing them…

As many use to say here: this is not a solution, but a workaround :slight_smile:


I have not had a good experience with NI support so far. They know about bugs for years and do not fix them.
“Aber die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt!”

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Richtig :slight_smile:

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“Don’t call us - we call you”

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In programming, the “Holywood principle:slight_smile:


I got an answer from NI:

Hello Rene,
Thanks for contacting Native Instruments.
Unfortunately this is a known bug, a long standing one. We don’t know when a fix will be available at the moment.
It was fixed on the Symphony Series String Ensemble. For this reason I’ve added a license for the Symphony Series String Ensemble on your account. It’s a NFR license. It only means Not For Resale, so you can’t sell it but it has no other limitation. I hope you find this solution acceptable.

Hmm, I own already Symphony Series String Ensemble. So I have no use for it. I asked “as a band aid” give me an Action Strings 2 license instead … :slight_smile: Lets wait for the reply.

But seeing the reply, I don’t think they ever plan to fix this. Unless everyone sends a support ticket like mine, and they have to give a lot of free Licenses for the Full version, maybe that might give an extra push…

That looks amazing, I will buy the upgrade.