MIDI File Player: Move playing position with button (transport control)

Easy peasy send me the midi file and I’ll make a gig file you can download to customize .


Will do.

Thank you!


MidiStepperVK.gig (165.8 KB)

VideoKilled.MID.zip (3.2 KB)

here is a gig file that works for stepping through , though this particular midi file performance of this song isn’t the greatest example t work with as the eight notes come out sort of choppy perhaps you could fiddle with the note length of the eight note choppy chords …

process as far as I can recall , it’s not an exact science :
strip the midi file of the header info all the non note on and CC64 stuff , like volume CC7 pan CC10 etc , I want to set those particular in my Rackspace and not have the midi file make changes as I step through . personal preference , also I prefer just midi channel 1 I like to keep it simple .

Omnisphere is the vst I’m using you can replace that if you wish , I also replaced the midi in block in my case just because I have too many other midi devices , the only thing required there to note is the midi in block needs an OSC/GPScript handle , that name is referred to in the gig script , in this case MidiStepIn is what I set the OSC/GPScript handle to and checked the use in GPScript box .
When you first load the gig file and try and step through with the widget you will get an error about no track , you will need to point the script to the directory location of the midi file which is zipped in this uploaded reply . On Mac it’s a “show path bar” which gives you a process to quickly copy the directory location to the clipboard so you can paste that file pathname into GPScript for me with this file it’s “/Volumes/SD_3/midi other /VideoKilled.MID”
Once you have the pathname sorted then compile the script , and any changes you make to the midi file , believe me for me it takes many revisions to get it right mostly because I’m stepping and not playing with fingers , so for my workaround , editing it down to be as simple as possible works for me , again , it’s not an exact science and certain midi parts work better than others , it is what it is .

Video Killed.pdf (1.9 MB)

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Thank you, Bob. Unfortunately I got the “day job” right now. Hah!

I will try to check this out Sunday.

Thanks so much for helping me with this. I really do want to crush the keys for Every Little Thing She Does is Magic, and I think this is the way to go with the last 1/3 of the song. (Although it may be a bit unforgiving. If I botch one note, I would think the whole sequence will get messed up. But, I think I can do it).


[PS: I just watched this video so I am slightly less ignorant how scripts work:
Gig Performer 4 - How to copy a Script from one rackspace to another? - YouTube}

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I am so grateful. This works perfectly. My question is, can I change the quantization to anything other than quarter notes? Half notes maybe or the first beat of every bar?
Thanks ,

Is there any updated way to control the midi player? I also would like to play from a specific time or bar to keep the midi on sync for use without a click track.