MIDI Bluetooth (BLE) router for Windows

Yes I am still going through the PDF, and it’s good to know the non-install version is fine. Thanks Frank! I will keep you posted with my progress.

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Last question, is after I create the config file, should I rename the MidiUWPRouter, with that path after it?

No. Let’s say you’ve saved the midiuwprouter.exe in the folder c:\tools\router (so the full name is c:\tools\router\midiuwprouter.exe) and the you’ve saved the config file in the same folder with the name myconfig.txt (so the full name is c:\tools\router\myconfig.txt) then the command to launch from a cmd box is:

c:\tools\router\midiuwprouter.exe   c:\tools\router\myconfig.txt

The config file is what is called an argument for midiuwprouter.exe

Great - thanks Frank.

Also I was confused at first, cause every time I argue with my wife, she tells me it is not an argument. lol


Yes I realize that Frank. I was just showing what connections MidiBerry was showing. I feel I should expand on what I am trying to accomplish before I continue. I have a TeControl Midi Breath controller, which transmits 4 different midi messages simultaneously through a USB connector. I have been trying to make it wireless. I have searched high and low before I stumbled onto your app. I have an iPhone loaded with an app called Midimittr. Midimittr recognizes my breath controller, and would normally transmit the bluetooth ble to an ios device such as an iPad, for use by music apps that support ble bluetooth. I have bluetooth and ble 4.0 in my laptop, so I thought I should buy a USB bluetooth 5.0 (which I did) I was able to detect Midi ble and pair it from my iphone, MidiBerry scanned it and showed it a few times, but it imediatly disappeared. So I came to the conclusion that this is what you were talking about with the Microsoft scheme. Do you think this app might help this situation, or do you think I am wasting my time?

Here is a link to the app I am trying to use with your program

That could have been a philosophical question :grinning:, but I understand. The app/tool/dunno I wrote is, I think, meant to do what you want: you have a midi-ble device that you want to have transmitting midi to GP. GP doesn’t see the midi-ble device. So you put in between loopMidi: GP recognizes the devices created by that. Then you put my tool in front of the loopMidi device routing the midi from the ble device to loopMidi:

Midi-ble-device-in-windows -> midiuwprouter-> loopMidi -> Gig Performer

Does this clarify things?

Ok - Thanks for taking the time again to reply. I will continue to try and make this work for me, then post you if I succeed. Have a good day sir!

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If needed I’m willing to help. But maybe better via a PM

Thanks Frank, that is awesome of you.

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@Glen This forum is open to anyone, even if they are not concerned with GP.
In order to protect your personal data, you should avoid communicating them publicly other than by PM.
And maybe especially not to me. :wink:

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I agree. Reason why I asked to PM me. However, @Glen didn’t know that the option for PM-ing exists and thus understood it the wrong way.

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I removed the personal info and left only the Facebook page.

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Thanks to all, who cleared up this misunderstanding of PM (in this venue).
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So when you buy the CME Widi dongle, it doesn’t work natively in Win 11, you need to buy their CME Widi UHost in addition?

That’s at least what I did.

I was confused, I thought the Widi Master came with something that also plugs into your computer for a real virtual cable connection, but it only has the plugs for the control device and one still needs a solution for getting it into the computer… So I guess that would be either the UHost or the Widi Bud Pro… I’m liking Franks free software solution better and better if one already has a device sending BLE! :wink: