Make a button to open/close the VST window

Your assumption is correct, but unchecking that option does nothing in terms of turning off the widget either by closing the plugin window (as you had just asked if its even possible for the script to detect the state of the plugin) or by itself. It seems that option is to turn a controller from momentary to latching, but it doesn’t do anything for the button itself. The script solution is fine that it turns off automatically (not as a reaction to plugin window, although that would be even more elegant! :))

hi my name is dave, newbie and scripting noob - i own the keylab II 49
have as well a numa concert for the piano sounds (in my case pianoteq 7)
the numa is midiwise a mess,i managed to control the pianoteq 7 sounds from the top 6 “sound change buttons” wich i can live with as i dont need more,from the numa i use the hardware midiplug only out one way,coz with the usb midi it recieves mididata and goes completely bananas. so this way it works…(never buy a numa concert,keys are great the rest a disaster)
much blah blah to explain my approach:
i stole @schamass 5 plugins preset and added (not touching his script) to the synths (in my case arturia v8) a midifilter wich bypasses all the controllers (faders and buttons to the right) on the keylab.
the idea is overlapping sounds (echoes e.t.c.)wich in my opinion is very cool.
as simple as that i added to the buttons (open plugin window) a “bypass” midifilter plugin put it in a song,each synth as a variation,good solution for me (every brain works differently)
opinions welcome
daves stolen 5 VST Rack.gig (150.4 KB)

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